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The Best Adorable Birthday Boy Shirts for Kids in 2024

The family who needs an Adorable Birthday Boy Shirts for Kids? Then look no further, because no matter how old he is, we have found some of the cutest, most adorable boys’ shirts, which would make great birthday gifts – diggers, monster trucks, dinosaurs…they’re all here, as well as a few options which you can design and make yourself.

Birth Day Dude Shirt

This cute little tee will be perfect for your little dude, and with a fun greeting like that on the front, he’ll be getting high-fives from everyone he meets!

Construction Birthday Shirt

Available in black, navy, or Caribbean blue, this awesome t-shirt – which comes personalized with both his name and age – will appeal to any kid who really ‘digs’ construction.

I’m Two Lets Party Shirt

Baseball raglan shirts are adorable at any age, but this clever version comes with an invitation to party and the age ‘2’, shown by the universal ‘peace’ sign. Personalization and optional hat available.

Prices vary

Tenth Birthday Shirt

Whatever his age, he’ll get the thumbs up when he wears this on his birthday. Fun and bold, it can also be customized, and comes in a range of styles and color options.

Prices vary

2nd Birthday Bulldozer T-Shirt

If he loved being one, then he’ll really dig being two, and that’s exactly what this t-shirt says, along with a picture of a bright yellow digger on a choice of bright colors.


Three and Killin It Shirt

As if any more needs to be said other than ‘three and killin it’, this sweet tee, which comes in black, white, or gray, can also be personalized on the back, too.


Roar I’m Four Dinosaur Birthday Shirt

Choose from either pink or black sleeves, and this raglan shirt will make the perfect 4th birthday outfit, especially as it can be worn for the next 364 days, too!


Custom Kingdom Birthday Boy Superhero T-Shirt

Every superhero needs his own emblem, and this one is perfect for the Birthday Boy! Much cooler than superman’s, this top comes in blue or gray with white or black writing.


Personalized Birthday King Shirt

Never mind wearing his heart on his sleeve, putting his name there is so much more rad. In sizes 2T to Adult 4XL, there’s one for every birthday king in your life.

Prices vary

Personalized Disney Cars Shirt

What birthday boy wouldn’t love to sport this super cool shirt which features characters from Disney’s ‘Cars’, and comes customized with the lucky boy’s name and age?

Prices vary

7th Birthday Shirt

Perfect for every day wear, this adorable kids’ shirt is also ideal for their seventh birthday, as it spells out the number in five different colors. Simple but super cool.


PJ Masks Birthday Boy Shirt

Any fan of PJ Masks will love this tee, which can feature either Gekko, Catboy, or Owlette, along with a birthday message and optional age and personalization on the back.

Prices vary

I Make Three Look Good Shirt

Is there anything that screams casual cool more than a raglan shirt and shades? Well, this tee boasts both, and it comes with a choice of sleeve colors, too.

Young Wild Three Monster Truck Birthday Shirt

When you’re three, being young and wild is definitely where it’s at, so let the world know their personality with this monster truck raglan shirt which comes in either pink or black.


Captain 5th Birthday

Let them channel their inner superhero with this top which comes in seven fabulous colors and sports a red and white emblem with the number 5 in the middle.


Fournado Shirt

We all know that 4 year olds can be little whirlwinds, so how about embracing that fact with this cool tee which comes in five different colors and a ‘four-nado’ warning.

Prices vary

Mr One-Derful Baseball Tee

Every little boy is his parents’ Mr. Wonderful, but this raglan sleeved 1st birthday shirt takes it one step further with a fun and funky play on words.

Dude It’s My Birthday Shirt

Available in a range of color and size options, this adorable t-shirt will appeal to the ‘street’ in every kid, as it tells every passer-by that it’s their special day.

Prices vary

Awesome at 7 Building Blocks Birthday Shirt

Super bright and colorful, this 7th birthday tee features the number 7 made of building blocks, as well as a message saying just how awesome he really is.

Birthday Boy Shirt


Black, white, or heather gray, this simple t-shirt let’s everyone know the birthday boy is in town, in bright, bold letters across the front. Available from 6 months to XL youth.

7th Birthday Shirt

Kids love to announce to the world that it’s their birthday, so make sure everyone knows how old they are on their special day with this cool 7th birthday top.

Young Wild and Three Shirt

Give them the ‘threedom’ to be themselves with this adorable t-shirt which bears the legend ‘young, wild, and three’, and can be personalized on the back with name and number.

Prices vary

Airplane Birthday Shirt Boy

This top would look cool on its own, with the loop-the-looping airplane and the child’s age spelled out on the front, but why not add his name on the back, too?

Prices vary

Birthday Boy T-Rex

Whether he’s having a dinosaur-themed party or he’s a wannabe paleontologist, this top would make the perfect birthday gift, as it features a T-Rex in a particularly festive mood.


Two A Saurus Birthday Shirt

No matter if he’s two, three, four, or five, there’s a party-going ‘saurus in this range of raglan sleeved tees that will be perfect for his birthday.


Sixth Birthday Shirt

Choose from six funky colors and have your child’s name printed onto the front of this super soft tee, along with their age across their chest. Also available in a bodysuit.

3 Awesome DIY Birthday Shirts for Boys

Diy Paw Patrol Shirt

Turn a plain tee into a super duper paw patrol no sew version using the free template attached to this blog post, along with the easy to follow instructions.

Diy Construction T-Shirt

Buy the inexpensive downloadable template for this personalized digger, then follow the instructions on how to attach it to a plain tee for a fab new look.

Diy Toddler Boy Birthday T-Shirt

If you are lucky enough to own a Silhouette Cameo machine, this DIY will be a doddle – just follow the tutorial for how to add personalization to the birthday outfit.

Don’t let your little boy be sad for his birthday, choose an Adorable Birthday Boy Shirts for Kids now in this article. See more at the web

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