Best P90 Guitars

The Best P90 Guitars

Liked for their warm, bright voicing as well as open articulation, P90 guitars are a favorite of artists all over the world.

Played by the similarity Carlos Santana, The That’s Pete Townsend as well as Mick Jones of The Clash, these guitars aren’t used by rockers alone. They function just as well for indie, blues, jazz, country, alternative and also steel artists.

When it concerns P90s, the Epiphone WildKat Semi-Hollowbody takes the most effective P90 guitar crown. It’s functional, supplies a lot of personality and also feels and also looks terrific.

The Epiphone WildKat might go to the top of the heap, but that does not indicate it’s the only P90 guitar worth checking out.

The seven designs we’ve included right here are some of the greatest. So, if you’re trying to find an outstanding guitar and wish to avoid the trouble of browsing every store in town, this is the ideal overview for you.

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The 7 Finest P90 Guitars

1. Gibson Les Paul Special P-90 Limited Edition Electric Guitar

Gibson’s Les Paul Special is a timeless P90 guitar. Its beefy, rock-oriented feel and also stripped-back aesthetic have generated numerous replicas. The original model offers Gibson’s rock and roll heritage in addition to classic tones as well as outstanding construct top quality.

The Les Paul Unique runs with two soap bar pickups. The neck pick-up is softer as well as rounded, while the bridge pick-up supplies a lot of bark, especially when cranked up.

Each pickup features its own set of tone and quantity controls. The volume controls are especially receptive. Readjusting the quantity handle can take your tone from beautiful cleanses to yelling distortion.

This guitar likewise borrows from classic LP Unique versions with its neck and body. The piece mahogany body and thick mahogany neck provide lots of maintain as well as leverage for bends and also vibrato. A rosewood fingerboard raises the premium visual.


Nails the look, feel, as well as audio of classic Gibson LPl Special guitars
Pick-ups supply surprisingly wide tonal array, making the guitar extra flexible


Piece mahogany body makes the guitar heavy to have fun with when standing
Some players find the beefy neck style tough to stress as well as awkward in their hands

2. Guild T-Bird ST P90 Electric Guitar

Guild’s T-Bird ST vintage design guitar delivers a lot of retro style in a plan that can still manage contemporary playing styles. It’s a strong mahogany body with a fashionable offset form and lots of contours. While the body dimensions are rather big, the cutaways keep the axe light and also comfortable to play.

There’s additionally an established mahogany neck. It’s reminiscent of Gibson guitars and even jazz hollow body layouts. That’s topped with a bound rosewood fingerboard with a 9.5-inch radius for quickly, smooth playing.

The twin Guild Franz P90 pickups at the neck as well as bridge provide a broad range of noises. When tidy, they’re glassy and verbalize, with a shimmering leading end and also limited, controlled bass action. You can likewise crank them up for throaty, saturated overdrive.

Master tone and volume controls help you call in the ideal tone. In the equipment division, the T-Bird features a Tune-O-Matic bridge and stoptail tailpiece. These protect ideal adjusting and also articulation.


Articulate as well as balanced pick-ups can take care of a remarkably wide variety of categories
Great build top quality as well as tonewoods create a distinct, unforgettable design and really feel


Odd body design does not appeal to every gamer; some discover it uncomfortable or unsightly
Some pieces of equipment (like tuners) are undecided and a bit unpredictable

3. G&L Homage ASAT Junior II P90 Electric Guitar

G&L’s Homage ASAT Junior II puts a thoughtful spin on 2 traditional designs. The end product is versatile as well as sturdy yet outstandingly instinctive. The body design recommendations the traditional Telecaster shape. The “C” form neck as well as 12-inch fingerboard span mimic vintage Fender styling too.

Nevertheless, the appearance as well as noise of the guitar take motivation from the Gibson Les Paul Unique. The mahogany body, translucent red wine red coating, as well as TonePros bridge/tailpiece combination are straight out of the Gibson LP book.

At first glimpse, both of soap bar P90s could seem to continue that impact. Nonetheless, these pickups can do much more than simply Gibson-style tones.

When clean, the pick-ups really feel light and responsive, with lots of quality as well as not way too much bass. They tighten up with overdrive, although they maintain a little vintage sparkle that establishes them as unique.

The output is balanced across both P90s to preserve an even quantity as you switch over from the neck to the bridge.


Combines Les Paul Unique noise with Telecaster style as well as comfort
Output-balanced P90s solve problems with volume when changing between 2 pick-ups


Decoration, neck develop quality, as well as coating aesthetics can be doubtful in some designs
Square neck heel makes it challenging to access some of the greatest frets

4. Godin fifth Method Kingpin P90 Electric Guitar

Archtop guitars continue to be the preferred option of jazz guitar players. Godin’s 5th Avenue Authority marries that typical archtop style with the clear, open sparkle of a P90 pickup.

The body makes use of Canadian cherry for the top, back and sides. There’s also a silver leaf maple neck and also rosewood fretboard.

Contrasted to other tonewoods, the cherry highlights the midrange frequencies of your tone. It preserves a neutral account with the treble and also bass. This is a great means to include heat and also depth to your sound without making it sloppy or losing quality.

An adjustable bridge and trapeze tailpiece anchor the hardware. The light-weight wood bridge can transfer to improve modulation without damaging the carved top.

The Kingpin offers one P90 pick-up at the neck position, for warm and also snazzy clean audios. Due to the archtop style, it additionally plays terrific acoustically. If you want to, you might also utilize this guitar disconnected to practice or at gigs.


Exceptional construct quality for an archtop that’s affordable for a lot of players
Warm, express audio is ideal for jazz, blues and also lounge designs


One-pickup design limits this guitar to jazz and also cleaner guitar styles
Lack of any exploded view prevents guitar players from accessing greatest frets quickly

5. Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 Electric Guitar

For gamers on a budget, the Epiphone Les Paul Unique I provides a workhorse of a guitar at an exceptional cost. It’s constructed with a mahogany body, and also formed with the classic single-cutaway LP layout.

There’s additionally a mahogany neck, which is an impressive function at this price factor. It’s contoured with a “slim taper” D shape to mimic traditional Gibson style necks from the 1960s.

A rosewood fingerboard tops things off, with a 12-inch radius for a fast, contemporary feeling. The 22 tool frets make the neck very easy to play, with smooth accessibility to the highest possible notes.

A set of P 90 pickups supply the sound in this guitar. The neck offers warmer, mellower tones while the bridge pick-up is wired hot for crunch and also overdrive. On the whole, both pick-ups audio great with overdrive as well as distortion. They preserve plenty of harmonics as well as add some smooth personality.


All-mahogany body as well as rosewood fingerboard provide exceptional worth at this cost factor
Pick-ups audio surprisingly verbalize for a budget guitar


Master volume as well as tone controls provide much less flexibility than basic Les Paul models
Hardware and also decoration will require upgrades for improving players

6. Epiphone WildKat Semi-Hollowbody P90 Electric Guitar

Epiphone’s Wildkat version showcases all the lush tones of P90s pick-ups in an affordable as well as distinctive design. It’s a semi-hollowbody design with a smaller, a lot more workable frame.

The style takes hints from timeless Gibson as well as Epiphone archtops, with f-holes and also lotion binding. The semi-hollow building and construction gives you the cozy, woody tone of guitars. It additionally maintains a center block to eliminate responses as well as add maintain.

The body is mahogany, with a maple neck as well as top, and the fingerboard is rosewood. The combination of tonewoods supplies a Gibson-style look and noise. The warmth and maintain from the mahogany lend a premium aesthetic to the guitar.

2 Epiphone dogear P90s at the neck and bridge supply the tone. They’re lustrous and also ventilated when tidy, however if you include some overdrive they react with a lot of snarl and also bite.

To regulate them, the Wildkat uses a master quantity, private quantity controls for every pickup as well as a master tone handle.

Finally, the Bigsby tailpiece allows you to include lush vibrato effects to your noise with a touch of your wrist. It’s a great way to add characteristics and higher expression into your playing style.


Semi-hollow body supplies advantages of both solid-body and hollowbody guitars
Dogear P90s succeed at a wide array of styles, from blues and rock to jazz and even nation


Arrangement and also intonation are poor, making the guitar challenging to play out of package
Can feed back uncontrollably at high quantities otherwise managed effectively

7. Yamaha RevStar RS502 P90 Electric Guitar

For guitar players seeking a minimal design that still delivers on very important functions, it’s difficult to beat the Yamaha RevStar RS502. This version strips away numerous fancy extras to supply a structured, motivating guitar at a cost effective price.

Like lots of other P90 guitars, the RevStar offers two pick-ups, at the neck and bridge. These make use of Alnico V magnets and have actually changed outcome degrees to provide a classic flavor. The controls include one master volume and also tone handle, with a high-pass filter hidden in a push-pull feature.

The high-pass filter rolls out several of the bass regularities in your sound as you play. This gives you a single-coil noise, however does not compromise the hum-cancelling residential properties of the best P90 pickups.

The mahogany body features a maple leading cap for brightness as well as greater tonal equilibrium. It’s sculpted in a double-cutaway design for a streamlined, aggressive look that provides you easy gain access to across the fretboard.

Finally, the RevStar uses a set mahogany neck. Compared to a bolt-on neck, this boosts maintain and also toughness.


Versatile pickups for both clean as well as overdrive, plus high-pass filter for included variety
Impressive Yamaha develop high quality for a comfortable, smooth-playing neck as well as body


High-output pick-ups might not attract every type of player
High-gloss coating often presents finger prints as well as acnes easily

What Is A P90 Guitar?

A P90 guitar is any type of guitar that makes use of P90 pick-ups. P90s are a sort of single-coil pick-up that use a broader bobbin than standard single-coil styles. They look larger in the guitar body, and also give a “bigger” tone as well.

This alters the tone of the pickup, making it more resistant to comments than timeless Fender-style single-coils. Contrasted to those pick-ups, P90s are a little bit warmer and also softer, supplying a thicker noise when distorted.

These guitars might share one usual quality, however P90 guitars come in all designs, physique as well as sizes. You can locate them in virtually every style of modern guitar songs. They prevail in blues as well as jazz, timeless rock, acid rock, as well as also alternative styles too.

Much of the very best P90 guitars make use of a strong body to increase maintain and maintain the guitar comfy to hold and use. Some traditional P90 guitars, like the Gibson LP Junior, are made with thick slab strong bodies. These P90 guitars are frequently utilized to play rock ‘n roll or acid rock.

Various other styles use a semi-hollow body. Semi-hollow body styles supply the acoustic vibration of a fully hollow guitar, however put a center block in the middle of the body. This enhances attack as well as lessens responses problems.

Semi-hollow guitars are incredibly versatile for rock, jazz, as well as alternative music. The Epiphone Wildkat, our leading choice, is a great example.

The P90 guitars that use a fully hollow body give the most acoustic resonance. They create a warmer, much more natural-sounding tone from the electronics. Since they sometimes feed back at high quantities, hollow guitars are common in softer styles like jazz and also blues. Some early rock ‘n roll artists also such as to use these designs.

What Are P90 Pickups Good For?

Despite being around for more than 70 years, P90 pickups aren’t as well-known as single-coil designs as well as humbuckers. Actually, some individuals even call P90s “P90 humbuckers.”

However, P90s are several of one of the most functional pick-ups that you’ll locate. They strike a good equilibrium between single-coils and humbuckers. When utilized properly, P90 pickups provide brightness as well as quality, but include more heat and also bass feedback than single-coils do.

Many guitar players like P90s for their clean tones. With no overdrive, they produce a smooth, broad sound that has more deepness than a single-coil yet much more quality as well as sparkle than a humbucker. That mix makes these styles a favorite of lots of jazz guitarists. They appreciate exactly how P90s maintain high-end clearness without appearing weak.

They likewise excel with overdrive and also distortion. P90 pick-ups are famous for their “bark” or “snarl,” as many gamers explain them. A few of one of the most renowned distorted tones in rock ‘n roll history have been made with P90s.

John Lennon, George Harrison, and also Keith Richards all utilized these pick-up layouts on several iconic records throughout the 1960s. They loved the tonal variety of P90s, which seemed wonderful whether they wanted to play tidy or overdriven.

In short, P90s are functional. Regardless of what style you intend to play, you’ll most likely have the ability to utilize these pick-ups for it. As long as you do not shred them with way too much gain, you’ll find P90s are several of one of the most musical and dynamic out of any other pick-up type.

What Is Much better? P90 Or Humbucker?

Lots of guitarists compare P90s to humbuckers as completing options. While they might sound similar, there are some important differences in between them. Ultimately, neither is “better” than the other. What you select will depend on your playing style, equipment configuration and also preferred styles of songs.

Contrasted to humbucking pick-ups, P-90 styles sound much “lighter” as well as much more open, providing an “airy” midrange. This produces a very unique noise contrasted to humbuckers. Depending upon your style, P90s can sound glassy, “honky,” or biting.

On the other hand, humbuckers give even more bass feedback as well as a “thicker” tonal account. They’re often utilized for heavy overdrive and distortion, as well as they sit well in a crowded mix. Many guitarists that search for thick, high-gain sounds choose to utilize humbuckers rather than P90s.

Those tonal characteristics offer a great frame of reference to assist you compare any humbuckers to P90s. Obviously, there are lots of variants in between any kind of offered set of pickups, even if they’re both P90s or humbuckers. Gretsch Filter’ Tron humbuckers and Gibson P.A.F. styles are both humbuckers, for example, however use unique sounds.

The kind you prefer will additionally rely on the design of music you wish to play. P90s excel at many clean genres, along with designs which focus on crunch and also twang. Lots of rock ‘n roll and also timeless rock guitar players used these pick-ups. Pete Townsend, John Lennon, Keith Richards and also George Harrison are some of the most well-known instances.

For incredibly clean styles like jazz, lots of gamers utilize both P90s and humbuckers. Rolling off the tone knob on a guitar with P90s develops a sound comparable to humbuckers, however P90s can also supply a brighter, sharper tone as well.

Compared to humbuckers, P90s usually appear better at lower levels of overdrive. With simply a bit of dirt in your signal, they can sing with a lot of added harmonics. Lower overdrive degrees additionally maintain the advantages of clean electrical noises, like a smooth, airy tone and also top-end glimmer.

For incredibly high degrees of gain, humbuckers function much better than P90s. Because P90s are practically a kind of single-coil layout, they do not cancel hum and also responses as successfully as humbuckers do.

This is specifically crucial at high volumes as well as severe distortion. Even a little comments can rapidly come to be ear-splitting.

If you want to play acid rock or metal, a guitar with humbuckers might be much better than a P90 guitar. Obviously, there are constantly exceptions. Tony Iommi made use of a P90 guitar (a Gibson SG unique) for the very first 4 cds with Black Sabbath.

Nevertheless, numerous players do not have high-end equipment to avoid responses as well as hum, making Humbuckers a practical option.

Bottom Line

We’ve settled on the Epiphone Wildkat Semi-Hollowbody as the best P90 guitar in this roundup. Its semi-hollow layout and also custom-made Epiphone P90s cover a great deal of sonic area. It looks superb also.

If you remain in the market for a premium guitar, the Gibson Les Paul Unique is another fantastic option. It features epic rock tones in a streamlined package.

What type of P90 guitar do you favor? How do you utilize P90 pickups in your rig? Let us recognize in the comments section listed below.

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