The Fuji Semi Pro 2

Fuji 2202 Semi Pro 2 HVLP Spray System Review

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 Sprayer: Evaluated, Rated & Compared

The Fuji Semi Pro 2 is a classic version from a trusted brand. In this evaluation 2heartstouch will discuss the functions, highlight the issues and discuss why I advise it when splashing specific kinds of surfaces.

I will also study the somewhat updated design, the 2203G Semi-PRO 2– Gravity.

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System Reviewed

The spray system is automatic. Being automatic as well as birthing even more controls attached to its base, it creates convenient performance, hence, leading to obtaining the project performed with simplicity. For that reason, using this system would help you in completing much better output and also delivery.

Affordable and also functions with high volume and reduced stress.

For budget-conscious customers that intend to conserve cash, this spray system is priced economically yet it still never ever compromises on its efficiency; the gun provides among the top notch delivery and also fantastic effectiveness, as it works on low pressure and also high volume.

Not to mention that its weapon was made in such a way that users can handle it conveniently to make the procedure a lot more easy as well as comfortable. Since it is fully packed with outstanding functions which deserve more than the sprayer actually sets you back, not just you would certainly obtain value for your money, yet also obtain optimum gratifying result.

This sprayer comes with a 25-foot-long tube, and also is extremely easy to construct. It can be utilized by anyone. With its versatility, you can use this sprayer on most of your house tasks. From cabinets to doors, and ceilings. This sprayer is peaceful, and at its cost point, that is uncommon for turbine paint sprayers.

With its 1400-Watt, 2 stage generators, in a metal situation. It’s constructed to last. The materials that include it, a metal spray cup (400 cc), and the tube, make it a tremendous buy. Easy clean-up is how this sprayer is geared, with quick launch cup and cleanable air filters.

Concerning Fuji Brand

The Toronto, Canada based Fuji Spray prides itself on being Canadian made and Canadian constructed. They have excellent reason to be. The Fuji sprayers are among the leaders in HVLP sprayers, and also they continue to introduce the market.

In company since 1986, Fuji has actually pioneered the means DIYers, hobbyists, and also expert painters handle their jobs. Competing with the likes of Graco, Titan, and also Wagner, Fuji Spray constantly sets bench, raises it, and also sets it once more.

Their line of HVLP sprayers are constantly very rated, well-reviewed, as well as enjoyed by every ability degree painter that utilizes them. If you make a decision to opt for Fuji, you will not be disappointed. Their customer service, interest to detail, and brand awareness are unrivaled.

Benefits & Negative aspects


The spray system is automatic. Being automated and also birthing even more controls attached to its base, it creates practical capability, hence, leading to obtaining the job done with convenience. For that reason, utilizing this system would certainly aid you in completing much better outcome and also distribution.

Cost-effective and operates with high quantity and low stress.

For budget-conscious individuals that want to save money, this spray system is relatively priced affordably but it still never ever compromises on its efficiency; the weapon uses among the top notch delivery and also great efficiency, as it works with reduced pressure as well as high volume.

As well as that its weapon was developed in such a way that users can manage it comfortably to make the procedure a lot more simple and easy and comfy.

Since it is completely packed with fantastic features which deserve greater than the sprayer truly costs, not only you ‘d get worth for your cash money, yet also obtain optimum gratifying output.


Trouble regulating the overspray quantity produced as a result of its fast delivery

Lack of ability to manage the quantity of the overspray made, because of its quick delivery. However, it’s still an excellent advancement and also enhancement that is valued moderately, that makes it a good financial investment on your component.

Comparisons With Other Paint Sprayers

Semi Pro 2 Vs Fuji Mini Termite 3
When you look at the distinctions in between the Fuji Semi Pro 2 and the Fuji Mini Mite 3, the Semi Pro 2 is your most likely to. These 2 sprayers both have a PSI in the 6 -7 variety, and offer lots of tip option. Letting you obtain the exact application you need. Both sprayers work for car paint, and also have a variety of usages.

The Mini Mite 3 has restricted testimonials, and also the Semi Pro 2 has over 300. With lots of praise for the Semi Pro 2, and also go crazy testimonials of its adaptability. These are both developed and look the exact same. he Mini Mite 3 is somewhat smaller sized in the electric motor housing, as well as they each consider approximately the same. Each included a specialist spray take care of, and also a prolonged pipe. The Mini mite 3 is a 3-stage turbine spray system while the Semi Pro 2 operate on a 2-stage system. They do both emit adequate power to obtain any type of Do It Yourself work completed.

The Mini Termite 3 runs about $200 even more in cost. Making the Semi Pro the option for the best price.

Earlex 5500 Vs Semi Pro 2

When you contrast the Earlex 5500 up against the Semi Pro 2, there are simply a couple of differences. They both have superb consumer reviews, flaunting how expert the end result is with both sprayers.

When you look at the distinctions of dimension, the Earlex is portable, and has a lightweight layout. The Earlex, is likewise much lighter when it comes to weight, as well as has a significantly smaller sized hose pipe of 13 feet. The Semi Pro 2 has the remarkable size of 25 feet, making it much more versatile.

The distinctions in between both on PSI, are noticeable. The Earlex 5500 go for a PSI of 2.2, whereas the Semi Pro 2’s PSI is 6. They vary in rate by concerning a $100. Both give the choice of making use of numerous products, as well as have a series of pointers. As well as both work well for auto paint, and ending up work. General with the extra PSI of a 6, I would select the Semi Pro 2, due to the fact that it would be worth the additional money invested in it.

Semi Pro 2 Vs Pastime Pro

When it involves Hobby Pro and Semi Pro 2, they have a great deal of similarities. They both work for a large range of tasks. Whether you’re wanting to paint vehicles, walls, fencings, or utilizing in the yard. Both sprayers will finish the job, effortlessly. Each sprayer can use a variety of pointers. The Pastime Pro was created the DIYer available. It has a PSI of 5, as well as has the very same features of spray control.

When taking a look at the two sprayers, they look very much the exact same, besides the tip size. The Pastime pro features 1.8 mm suggestion while the Semi Pro 2 has a 1.3 mm. The Hobby Pro is additionally a lot smaller, size and also weight wise. The Semi Pro 2 will offer you a lot more value

These sprayers cost array is close. Yet with the Semi Pro 2, having terrific customer evaluations, it would be the option to obtain.

What is the Fuji Semi Pro 2 Good for Painting?

This sprayer has wide range of usages. It can be made use of properly and the severe DIYers.

Automobile painting is excellent with this sprayer. Automobile paint is a breeze with the appropriate percentages in your option of paint.

This sprayer functions great in little rooms, with expert results. An included perk, is the variety of pointers. Great for primer paint job, making your work quicker and also simpler.

When you are doing finishing work, this sprayer functions wonderful. This is an exceptional sprayer for Polyurethane and also lacquer. It functions wonderful with a great mist in limited difficult to reach spaces. When doing primer job, for your car or around your home. Fantastic control of spray flow makes easy help you.

Your outside deck tasks will certainly be simplified. Flexible spray and being able to make use of Sealers and also stains. Your deck will certainly look new in a snap.

If your beginning to restore your residence, this sprayer is great. You can regale your tub. Make completing your cabinets, and cut a wind. Repainting your ceilings, resurfacing furnishings or floors. The flow modifications on the handle works wonderful, as well as is easy to use.

Best Kinds Of Paint to Use with Fuji 2202

The Fuji Sprayers are amongst the most trusted as well as sturdy Do It Yourself brands on the market. They do compete in the business market, though their house owner and also residential markets are where they focus one of the most. Thus, the Semi-Pro 2 sprayers are in the middle area between Do It Yourself as well as business markets.

You can utilize the Fuji 2202 to spray any kind of type of paint, consisting of enamel, latex, single-stage, varnish and lacquer paints. While you can make use of any type of paint, you will need to guarantee you use the appropriate tips for the paint being pushed with the system.

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System

It is powered by a 1400-watt electric motor that comes with a steel turbine instance in addition to a handy gun holder. This is made and created for all sort of spraying and also finishing work. This is the best version for all severe DIY fans. It comes total with Fan Control Knob and a non-bleed weapon to produce magnificent patterns of numerous dimensions.

This design is absolutely not the most inexpensive, but it comes extremely ranked and also is well-priced offered the attributes at around $400. The price is the same as the Semi Pro 2 The Gravity variation is built with a 400cc light weight aluminum cup which enables the painter to spray those difficult situations such as edges. This is the only distinction so you must consider this when contrasting both models.

Establishing & Using the Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2.

The configuration for the Fuji Semi-Pro 2 is an uncomplicated process that must be carried out with care. You will be virtually prepared to paint with the sprayer right out of the box. However, you must perform the arrangement and assembly following the precise directions discovered in the owner’s guidebook.

When that is total it is very recommended that you run a solvent or cleaning remedy with the device to clean out any type of debris, manufacturers oils or burrs left in the system. Sometimes the production process can leave bits of dirt, dirt, or particles. You will certainly wish to clean these out before you spray them on your job (see listed below for cleansing details).

When using the system, you will intend to stat the stroke motion prior to you shoot. The idea is that as lengthy as the trigger is dispirited, the gun needs to remain in activity. When you reach the end of your stroke line, launch the trigger and afterwards stop moving the gun. Repeat the procedure in to and fro stroke, each overlapping the previous.

Cleansing, Maintenance & Storage

All Fuji spray guns need to be cleaned up as well as kept regularly. The cleaning routine can be cumbersome, as there are a lot of actions and components that you must comply with. Nonetheless, complying with the actions as well as cleansing your spray weapon after every usage will certainly maintain the system in prime functioning condition and extend the life of the weapon, further valuing your financial investment.

  • To clean up the system, you will certainly need a waste pail, cleaning up remedy, and also dustcloths or wipes. The process itself is simple, however it is time-consuming. Below are the basics you require to know:
  • Eliminate excess paint from the paint cup.
  • Include solvent or cleansing remedy to the cup and also reassemble the device.
  • Spray solvent with the system until it runs clear.
  • Vacant and clean the paint cup.
  • Remove the nozzle from the turbine and take apart the components of the nozzle.
  • Soak the pieces in a cleaning service and scrub clean (use cables or pipe cleaners if required).
  • When all the items are cleaned, rebuild the device.

Final thought

So for newbies and specialists who desire the most effective results for their paint projects, the Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System is a solid option that could fulfill your painting work criteria and also exceed your expectations. And if possible try the cordless paint sprayer – very convenient and compact for you, or Magnum x5 airless paint sprayer – also a good sprayer on the market

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